Placement of a Tax Assistant, Top 10, Birmingham


At the time, our candidate was at an Independent firm where they had been for 18 months and was at a point when they were assessing the market to explore the next step on their career path. 

“I couldn’t see the opportunity to progress arising, I decided to consider a move. My career plan is to go as far as possible in tax, hopefully in the next few years I can progress to manager level with the long term aim set on making Partner.”


The candidate approached Charles Magill as part of their exercise in exploring the tax market in the Midlands. They were looking for an opportunity with a larger firm that would provide them with the platform to gain broader experience and further their career in the coming years. 

At this point, we were able to provide an insight into the relationships we have with Top 10 firms and the roles that firms are looking for. 

“After our initial discussion, Charles got me an interview with a Top 10 firm within 3 days which I found astounding, his ability to move so quickly was something I really appreciated.

“I gave Charles exclusivity because of how open he was with the firms and how quickly he was able to get me results. I only needed the one interview in the end but I definitely trusted Charles to find me other great opportunities had I not been successful at the first attempt.”

“Charles was also very good with guiding me through the interview stage, he gave me some great tips on how to prepare such as to search the interviewers LinkedIn to find out more about their backgrounds and experiences.”

He was also very open about the opportunities that I would likely get at RSM and as he knew the firm/partners very well, it was great exposure to listen to his advice.”


We are delighted to have been able to deliver a mutually beneficial result for both our candidate and client. 

Our candidate is now in a position to further their experience and exposure to clients which will set them in good stead for their future career ambitions. 

By equal measure, we have been able to help our client attract a high-quality tax professional in an increasingly competitive market. 

“The move has definitely helped me with this plan as I now have access to very technical work which means I am now in a position to learn more than ever before. This is only going to help me become a manager because the better-rounded individual I am, the bigger chance of success.

“I feel very satisified with how Charles handled the process. He was always available to answer any of my questions and he was very clear on time scales of response etc. He made the process very smooth.

“I would definitely use Adlestrop again to help develop and achieve my career plan if needed and I would definitely recommend them and especially Charles to people that I know are in a similar position to what I was.”


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