Client Services

Our services range from

  • Database Search
  • Advertised Selection
  • Headhunting

Database Search:

We work with both non-active and active candidates. On receipt of your instructions we will search our extensive candidate database, identify appropriate candidates, and contact/meet all suitably interested individuals. We will then forward detailed candidate summaries for consideration.

Advertised Selection:

Adlestrop Consulting is able to not only advise on the most appropriate media in light of your “target” market but also secure substantially discounted rates from the publications. Once the media has been selected we are able to instruct our dedicated advertising agency to work with you in designing the most appropriate and attractive advertisement(s).


Occasionally a targeted retained search is the most effective methodology in securing the appropriate individual. Whilst we are not a specialist headhunting practice we do employ researchers who are able to identify key individuals and provide an authoritative market overview. However, we only ever undertake this type of work providing no client conflicts exist.

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