Our clients range from major international accountancy firms through to niche financial services practices. Our aim is to become someone that you can discuss your recruitment requirement with, in an effort to help you achieve your practice or department objectives.

Enthusiasm and Commitment

As an accountancy and finance recruitment specialist we are familiar with everything from giving advice on the market, to assisting accountancy practices and organisations alike to recruit talented accountancy professionals from Senior Manager to Partner level. Above all, we bring enthusiasm and commitment, not just to the recruitment process but to our whole working relationship.

In-depth Understanding

We will seek to gain an in-depth understanding of your organisation and recruitment requirements. In return we will offer detailed, incisive, and commercial advice backed up by quality, talented senior level candidates. We will help you manage individual candidates more efficiently during the recruitment process by being available whenever you need us, and we will also retain contact details on potential recruits who may not match-up to a specific role today, but are potential hires for the future.

Relationship Building

In the recruitment arena the concept of relationship building - particularly before the interview process begins - is rare. We will not only respond rapidly to candidate enquiries but more importantly initiate dialogue with them to provide bespoke information to those who've expressed an interest in your organisation, but not yet applied for a specific role.

Moreover, we believe in adopting an upbeat, highly professional, yet motivated process where the successful appointment of a key individual with a client is celebrated by us all. The reality after all is that the acquisition of a key accountant - just like that of a new client - goes directly to your organisation being more successful.

Our services range from searching our extensive database of active and non-active candidates, placing dedicated advertisements in the relevant media, and - where no conflicts exist with other client firms - headhunting.