Placement of Senior Associate, Big 4, Birmingham


Adlestrop approached the candidate with a potential opportunity to join a Top 4 firm in Birmingham at a time when they were looking to move to a new firm closer to home.

Their aim was to do a similar role at the right level for their experience that will help them to progress towards their ultimate aim to become RICS qualified and reach managerial level.

Our approach was timely with the right type of opportunity meeting both our candidates personal and professional aims.


Adlestrop has known the candidate for over two years and we were familiar with the candidates overall aims and the type of roles that would be of interest to them.

As a result of having this relationship, we felt confident that this particular opportunity would be of interest. This happened to coincide at a time when the candidate was beginning to look to make a move.

“Adlestrop approached me through LinkedIn and it was good timing as I was seeking a move. It was also timely for them as my previous recruiter has just advised he was more focused on recruiting for the London area. Although I never met Charles personally for some time, he appreciated the fact that I wanted to move more central to the Birmingham area but more importantly he understood that I was looking to move into a role which would allow me to develop the accountancy side of my main surveying role.”

From the initial contact through to offer stage, we worked closely with our candidate at each key point in the process to ensure they had the relevant information on the firm, the key individuals at the firm as well as an insight into what the role entailed.

“I found the guidance useful and the information provided to me before the job interview helpful, so I had some useful background reference the interviewers in terms of what they were looking for.”

“Through no-ones fault in particular the process stagnated for a while mainly due to key personnel being on holiday but Charles regularly kept me up to date when we could expect any news so at least I was kept in a positive state of mind.

He used the time to help me understand  the company and the type of department I was going to be joining. This included sending documents on the company and departmental structures.”


The candidate and client are an ideal fit and the location is right to make the candidates commute far easier which was a key requirement.

“I am increasing in confidence that this is the right step because of the support my new firm will offer me.  I am very satisfied with the support Adlestrop and Charles have given me throughout the process and I will definitely recommend Adlestrop in the future.”



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