Placement of an Associate Partner, Top 20, West Midlands


The candidate in question was a manager a Big 4 firm working towards promotion but also considering options should that have failed to materialise.


Adlestrop had a relationship with the candidate for over a year and had kept in regular contact regarding career goals and objectives.

During previous conversations with Adlestrop the candidate had discussed aspirations to make partner and a desire to work in the location. Therefore, when this opportunity arose, Adlestrop reached out to the candidate to discuss career objectives and to see if the role was aligned to their plans.

“I had a frank and honest discussion with Adlestrop, where I found them to be objective and honest.  At no time was there any pressure put on me to attend interviews.”

After an initial conversation with the candidate, Adlestrop then were able to identify roles that could be of interest to the candidate should their situation change regarding their potential promotion.

“At the time, I was not confident of promotion despite having promises to the contrary. Adlestrop rang me concerning my position and after listening to me recommended the said role for me to consider.”

Adlestrop met with the candidate discuss their position and the potential role before leaving them to consider a number of options.

Building relationships with both candidates and clients is essential so that Adlestrop can meet both parties’ requirements.

It is key for Adlestrop to have a depth of knowledge of our clients, their culture and their objectives so that we are able to communicate this to potential candidates.

“Adlestrop provided me with a detailed history of the firm and the main management team as well as their vision for the future.  When I was to go to the interview, he provided detailed background of the interviewees’, their market place and the kind of expertise they were looking for to enable me to determine which attributes I should focus on.”

Following the meeting the client was keen to offer the candidate the role. Adlestrop worked with both parties agree the remuneration package and facilitated the candidates transition into the new role.


Both the candidate and the client were delighted with the outcome – it was the right career move for the candidate and the client taken on an individual to help them achieve their objectives.

“Adlestrop were the only agency to actively listen and did not force jobs my way that would not be suitable, which is my experience of other agencies. I would use Adlestrop Consulting again without any doubt.”


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