Placement of an Audit Partner, Top 10, Birmingham


Our candidate wasn't actively looking for their next role when we approached them with this Partner role in mind.

Having known the candidate for a number of years, Charles was well positioned to know when the right opportunity presented itself to approach the candidate.


We knew where the candidate was in their career and what was important to them as we remained in regular contact.

"When Charles approached me for this role, I wasn't actively looking but I was prepared to consider opportunities if they were right for me.

"The whole process made me think about what was important to me both personally and professionally, and what I wanted from the next stage in my career. It has given me a fresh sense of purpose."

From the outset, we maintained communication with our candidate to ensure they were informed at each key stage of the process. Our candidate remained exclusive with us as result of the working relationship we have built with them, trusting us to do the right thing for on behalf.

"At each stage Charles knew what was coming and was a good sounding board when I needed it.

"It’s good to know what is going on in the market and what opportunities are there. In my experience if something isn’t right for you they either know or don’t push it."

Once a candidate has accepted an offer, it is imperative that we support them through the resignation process to ensure that they handle it correctly and make it as easily as possible.

"Over coffee Charles coached me through what might (and did happen) and was hugely supportive."


"My new role is certainly the right step for me and my overall career ambitions. Adlestrop Consulting and Charles have provided me a great deal of support throughout the process that has helped me secure this opportunity.

"I would certainly recommend working with Charles Magill if you are looking to make the next step in your career."

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