Natalie Price

Personal Assistant & Office Manager

My responsibilities include industry, candidate and company research, across a number of functions, predominantly Accountancy, Finance and BD/Marketing.
I also support the team and candidates at each stage of the recruitment process.

8 Top Facts

  • What is the best film you have seen in the last 12 months and why? With 2 young boys, I only really get to the cinema now to watch children’s films so I’d have to say Toy Story 4!
  • What food(s) do you dislike? Meat and mushrooms.
  • Last holiday/ Next holiday? Our last holiday was to Malta, we’ve booked a surprise trip to Disney World next year.
  • Sum up your job in 3 words? Interesting, rewarding, varied.
  • Favourite Coffee Shop? Anywhere that makes a decent hot chocolate.
  • What one thing would make your job easier? People completing tasks on time.
  • How do you pass the time on a long haul flight? I’m not great on planes, so anything that can distract me from the fact I’m 34,000 feet in the air!
  • Favourite thing to do outside of Work.  Spending time with my family, I’m also taking golf lessons.
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