Importance of culture when it comes to Senior Hires - Mark Taylor, RSM

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02 Aug 2019

We recently spoke to Mark Taylor, Regional Managing Partner at RSM on what he looks for in a senior hire and the value of cultural fit. There is an increasing shift towards how individuals buy into a firm’s culture, vision and values. 

My main focus when I am working with my team to recruit quality talent is how the individual will fit into the culture of our firm and that of the office where they will be based. 

Cultural fit is paramount for me – taking the time to consider how an individual will dovetail with our team and buy into our vision and values is essential when looking to make senior appointments.

We look for people with personality and charisma that will fit well with our existing team and clients. 

Taking such a considered approach ensures that we don’t appoint those with a “lone wolf” or “me, me, me” mentality which could be disruptive to the team. 

At Director and Partner level, it is crucial that individuals can lead and motivate our junior team members, help them to develop and progress within the business. 

Whilst we’ll always put them through their paces technically, it is largely a given that candidates who are being considered at a senior level have the required 
skill set and experience. A real desire to collaborate closely with colleagues and put the team first is key to creating the working environment we want: where people give of their best, in a place where they want to be because – fundamentally - they enjoy it. 

Diversity and inclusion are also key factors in ensuring we have balanced and high performing teams in all parts of our business. Improving the gender and ethnicity balance of the Birmingham partner group has been something I have sought to drive during my time at the helm here.

That hasn’t been achieved by reference to quotas or allocations but rather by ensuring the broadest outlook when seeking talent to promote, transfer internally or laterally hire.

I firmly believe that our teams – including the senior leadership of them - must seek to reflect the make-up of the local communities in which we operate: driving performance today and creating role models to inspire future leaders within the business.

It is important to note though that, first and foremost, we are a meritocracy and anyone reaching the senior levels of our business must do so based on their individual capability alone. 

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