Face-to-Face Meetings Set to Return

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16 Mar 2021

In recent weeks, I published a LinkedIn poll as I was interested in where people stood on the topic of face-to-face and virtual meetings as we emerge from the pandemic. 

There was a resounding feeling of people wanting a combination of face-to-face meetings and video calls, with over 60% preferring a mixture of the two.

A quarter of those who voted preferred meeting in-person with under 10% of preferring solely one form or another. 

Need for Social Interaction

From the comments on the Poll, there is a general consensus that everyone has missed the experience of meeting others and the social interaction. This was balanced with that there will be careful consideration on how meetings take place.

I shared this poll following a series of conversations with both candidates and clients surrounding meetings and the recruitment process. 

The results have confirmed that where recruitment is concerned, a blend of the two forms will continue but people will look to be more efficient with their time. 

Virtual meetings work well for initial conversations in order for the candidate and client to be introduced. It is far easier to arrange a convenient time for a video call in the first instance than trying to marry up diaries and traveling to a meeting. 

It can be said the same for interviews or presentations further on into the recruitment process when a number of individuals within a client firm need to be present. It is much easier to bring a number of people together virtually. 

This makes the process quicker and slicker for all parties. 

Senior Level Hires – Face-to-Face is Essential

With senior level roles in accountancy, it is as much about the individual's character and personality as their technical capabilities, therefore, meeting in-person is essential when a process is at offer stage. 

This is the general feeling we are hearing from our clients. 

We may see a difference between contingency and strategic recruitment. There is a far greater need for a quick turnaround when you are in search of a replacement. Virtual meetings and interviews are an ideal tool when time is of the essence. 

In-person meetings are essential when recruiting for senior level positions as they tend to be a core element of a firm’s growth plans in a particular office, region or service line.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the poll by either voting or sharing their thoughts. 

Over the coming months, there will be a period of adjustment when it comes to meetings as everyone adapts to find their own ways of working. 

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