Placement of Corporate Finance Partner, Top 10, Bristol


Our client was looking to expand their Corporate Finance offering in Birmingham by bringing in a Corporate Finance Partner into the team. Having worked closely with the client on previous senior level assignments across a number of their offices, we were able to support them in finding the right fit for their firm.



The ideal candidate needed to have a solid background in CF with a good network of relationships plus have the personality fit with the wider team in the South West and Midlands offices’.

“Having worked with Charles since 2015, I knew that he could identify the right candidates in the market that we needed to grow our team. He understands our culture, the type of people in our firm as well as the ideal candidates to join us.

“Finding the right cultural fit as well as the professional capabilities was essential, and Charles was invaluable in understanding the type of person we were looking for. Communication is key for us as a firm, especially when looking to recruit a senior level individual. Charles was in regular contact keeping us update don how the project was progressing.”

Due to the client’s time being in short supply and with the role being so important for the Birmingham office, it was essential that the only candidates presented to the client met all of the requirements in order not to waste time.



“As a firm, we are delighted with the candidate that has joined the us and for the assistance of Adlestrop Consulting during this project. Our team are confident we have found the perfect fit to help us grow our Corporate Finance offering.

“We wouldn’t hesitate to work with Charles and Adlestrop again in the future when looking to recruit quality talent into our firm.”

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