Placement of an Audit and Accounts Associate, Independent Firm, Worcestershire


Our candidate was seeking a permanent position providing more stability as well as enhancing career progression in the future.

Having worked previously with Cameron, the candidate approached Adlestrop to help them identify the right role for them.


The candidate engaged with Cameron McCann, who they had worked with previously, as they were seeking a permanent audit and accounts role closer to home.

It was equally important that the role increased their exposure to clients and provided them with a better quality of work including both corporate and private client tax.

“I saw a post appear on LinkedIn regarding an audit semi senior role. I contacted Cameron that evening and sent him my CV. Cameron immediately responded the morning of the next day.

We met; discussed opportunities and potential firms. This helped me to make Cameron aware of exactly what I was looking for in my next role. We discussed where see myself in the future and which firms would I like to work for.”

Over the coming weeks Cameron kept in regular contact regarding the firms he was considering and the opportunities that were available.

“Other recruiters I had spoken to would talk at length when I handed my CV in but would rarely provide any feedback if applications had not been successful.

Cameron provided me with valuable feedback on my CV as well as sharing the feedback from firms. Cameron helped me prepare for my interview to ensure I had all of the necessary information and I felt confident going to meet the firm.”



We successfully secured an offer from a firm that matched all of our candidates’ requirements.

The location is near to where the candidate is moving to a new house and the role will allow the candidate to gain valuable exposure to large clients.

The role will span audit, accounts and tax work which will provide them with the ideal foundation for future career progression.

“I am happy that I have been able to secure this opportunity and achieve my aim of qualifying as soon as possible.

“I later found out that another recruiter had sent my CV to this firm, but I was able to get the interview as Cameron did not simply send my CV around to many different firms.

“He was able to represent me by picking the phone up and visiting the partners on my behalf.”


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